IMG_0718 as Smart Object-1Courtney N. Gamble is the 24-year old head designer of MessQueen New York, a collection of leggings, harem pants, catsuits, bike shorts, Mens’ and Womens’ tops, as well as accessories; all using every color in the Crayola crayon box. Her playful use of bright colors, prints and shapes within the designs expresses an anarchist state of mind-going against the norm of everything fashion.
IMG_0647 as Smart Object-1“New York City can seem so big and overwhelming at times.but the use of bold, bright colors and prints in my clothing is a way of setting myself apart from the rest. It’s like screaming in people’s faces to wake up and feel alive in the greatest city in the world. People tend to be happier when they wear colors and I like to think that my clothing gives out a fun, cheerful vibe to the dark muted undertones of the city”, says Courtney.

Gamble will soon be releasing her first children’s collection called Tiny Terribles, with it’s quirky but true motto “we may be small, but we got big plans”. The idea for a children’s line comes from Gamble’s experience of living in the downtown “baby stroller/nanny-infested” neighborhood of Tribeca. “Everywhere I’d go there were clusters of kids with their parents or nannies,and I could always hear the kids commenting on my leggings and/or hair; and then the lightbulb turned on.” Tiny terribles offers funky fresh designs similar to its Motherline,MQNY,minus a few feet of course.